Hey... is that a new logo I see?

April 23, 2019



UEL is excited to release a new logo, and will be rolling out some changes to our website within the next few weeks.  We took some time to think about our place in the community, and our logo reflects this.  


The design for the updated UEL logo honors the past and looks at connections to the future. The dot and line construct embodies several concepts. The immediate context is to show the connections between UEL companies, staff, and community partners. The shape also calls to mind similar shapes in many scientific disciplines such as the helix and molecular structures.


The font used in the UEL acronym is derived from the existing block UEL lettering combined with a balanced feeling of forward momentum. This gives UEL a nod back to its deep history and points to the future ahead of us. The wider sans serif font was chosen for the full name for visual balance against the molecule and the UEL acronym.


In its simplest form, the logo signifies the curiosity of childhood, in which a simple collection of shapes inspires creative discovery. There is a visual movement of the form from lower left to upper right, giving the effect of taking flight or forward momentum.  The colors of the logo are inspired by the colorful architectural details of the space and the playfulness and excitement that is needed in every entrepreneurial adventure undertaken at UEL.


Thanks to BizzyWeb for their help in creating this logo!




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